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Glaze Pro covers the following list for refinishing, repairs, inlays & conversions:

  • Bathtub & Shower Enclosures
  • Fiberglass, Acrylic & Steel Surface Repairs
  • Ceramic Wall & Floor Tile
  • No-Spray Shine-On Gloss Restoration
  • Permanent Inlay Liner Repairs Cracked & Weakened Tub Bottoms
  • Tub-to-shower Conversions
  • Sorry we do not offer services for counters, sinks, toilets, antique clawfoot, cabinets and appliances

We proudly offer a warranty of 3 years for rentals and 5 years for private residences.

Bathtub / Shower Enclosure

Bathtub refinishing is a method of restoring the surface of worn, damaged or out of date bath fixtures to look like new again. Instead of replacing the fixture this is an easier and much more cost efficient alternative of getting around the hassle of replacement. All types of bathtubs can be repaired or refinished including antique clawfoot, contemporary cast iron, fiberglass and acrylic enclosures and garden tubs or whirlpools. This can be done in an unlimited number of solid color palettes. Learn More about Bathtub Refinishing

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile refinishing is a method of restoring the surface of worn or out of date ceramic tile to look like new again. Instead of demolition this is an easier and much more cost efficient alternative of getting around the hassle of replacement. Wall tile, floor tile, bathtub surrounds, shower enclosures and full bathrooms can be refinished. Unlike bathtubs, we can resurface ceramic tile in any solid color or stone color finish. Having this done will permanently seal the grout to never mold and mildew or get dingy or dirty again. Learn More about our Ceramic Tile Refinishing

No-Spray Shine-On Gloss Restoration

Not every bathtub we encounter needs a refinish! Shine-on gloss restoration is our least expensive & most economical solution to unsightly bathtubs. Our shine-on procedure basically “restores the original gloss” of the bathtub or enclosure. Think of it as having your bathtub brought back very close to original condition without having to spray on a coating! This process does not involve any spray and is 100% safe, economical & and has absolutely zero VOC’s. This process is not applicable to worn, damaged, previously refinished or colored bathtubs. If you are looking to change colors or repair damage then a full refinish will definitely be needed.

Permanent Inlay

Permanent inlays are a method of reinforcing and repairing weak or cracked floors in fiberglass enclosures. Tub and shower enclosures can be permanently repaired with strength that is superior to the original fixture. This is a process that provides both a nonslip surface and a fusion process that actually melts the two substrates together, making both surfaces into one. Inlays are measured and custom fitted just for your bath fixture.

SafeWay Step Conversion

A safer entry into your bathtub/shower area has never been easier. Glazepro offers one of the most accessible bathroom renovations to date. We make access into the tub area easier than you could ever imagine, and yet it’s affordable at the same time. The Safeway Step is installed using the present tub, whether it’s made of fiberglass or steel. The Safeway Step aids the senior and the caregiver by removing their biggest barrier in the tub area. On most tubs, the accessible entry is only about four or five inches high, providing easier access for the elderly or disabled. Water drains properly, and the existing shower curtain can still be used because the step-up is about two inches (2″) above the inside tub-floor. Installation takes less than one full day. Learn More about Our SafeWay Step

Just moved into your house, been there a while? Why not make your tub look new with our bathtub refinishing services. You can SAVE up to 80% on replacement costs by just refinishing what you have.

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