Glaze Pro Bathtub Refinishing

Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Ceramic tile re-glazing, also known as ceramic tile refinishing and ceramic tile resurfacing is a method of restoring the surface of worn or out of date ceramic tile to look like new again. Instead of demolition this is an easier and much more cost efficient alternative of getting around the hassle of replacement, especially homes from the 1950’s through the 1980’s when installers used mortar and wire backing. Entire bathrooms, wall tile, floor tile, bathtub surrounds and shower enclosures can be refinished. Unlike bathtubs, we can resurface ceramic tile in any solid color or acrylic multi color finish. Having this done will permanently seal the grout to never mold and mildew or get dingy or dirty again. We use the exact same Glaze-Weld process for solid color ceramic tile refinishing as we do on porcelain bathtubs. For multi-color finishes our process consists of a deep cleaning and etching, an acrylic hybrid base coat, an acrylic water based multi-color finish and a high gloss aliphatic urethane clear coat system.

Ceramic tile has a few variables to consider before refinishing and an in home evaluation is highly recommended. One variable is the condition of the grout such as missing or recessed grout lines. Others are any structural issues such as large cracks, broken or missing tiles and mold and mildew problems. These variables can be easily fixed simply by re-grouting and replacing or repairing cracked or broken tiles. For mold and mildew problems we highly recommend installing an exhaust fan to prevent any future mold and mildew problems.